Thursday, April 6, 2017

Western Propaganda

In recent days, western Mainstream Media has been trying to lambaste the Russian Government, the Russian people, the Russian media, and the entire country of Syria.


The St. Petersburg Metro bombing

FACTS - First, here is what we know. At around 2.40pm local time on Monday, on St. Petersburg’s second metro line, there was an explosion just as a train left the central Sennaya Square station. And shortly afterward, another bomb was found at Vosstaniya Square, inside a fire extinguisher casing. Almost immediately, Russian law enforcement announced that they were treating the incident as terrorism.
On Tuesday, authorities fingered a 22-year-old presumed suicide bomber from Kyrgyzstan as the perpetrator. His name was Akbarzhon Jalilov and he'd lived in Russia for some years, eventually taking citizenship. At the time of writing, the number killed is 14, with 49 people still in hospital. Seven of the dead were no older than 21.
However, many Western outlets and their pet ‘Russian hands’ decided to project a different reality. And it wasn't only the usual lunatic fringe. For instance, Britain’s state broadcaster the BBC was one of the first to insinuate the disaster might have been a “false flag". The BBC's Moscow correspondent, Sarah Rainsford, referencing so-called “quick commentary” by unnamed outlets within the “liberal media,” suggested the explosion might have been an attempt to distract from anti-corruption protests which took place recently.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, CNN echoed Rainsford’s off-the-wall claim the bomb was planned to divert focus from the graft marches. Which, incidentally, were relatively tiny and already seem to have petered out, based on Sunday’s farce in Moscow where more Western journalists than aggrieved Russians showed up.
Depressingly, on the wild frontier of Twitter, the speculation was even more deranged. CNN’s Michael Weiss, who styles himself as a ‘Russia’ expert despite there being no evidence that he has ever been to Russia or speaks the language, implied the Kremlin was colluding with ISIS. Based on his feeling of how “there's a reason Russians speculate as they do;” something which seems odd coming from a man who has never set foot in the country.
Weiss’ fellow Daily Beast writer John Schindler told his followers to “take absolutely nothing the Kremlin says about this or any terrorist incident at face value.” When a Polish journalist based in Moscow shot him down, he blasted “I don't take manners advice from anybody in Russia, thanks.”
Sadly, is the quality of analysts Americans are getting on their mainstream TV networks.

After 18 years of Putin as a national politician, nobody has ever presented tangible evidence of any false flag attacks. Furthermore, there hasn’t even been a convincing anonymous blog post offering credible insider information into such an event.


Syrian ‘Chemical Attack’



Is it all STAGED?

The Syrian government was quickly blamed by the West after the opposition-controlled Idlib region saw a chemical attack that reportedly killed dozens of civilians.

Now you can see how quickly Western media can and does turn unanswered questions into solid facts. No evidence, no proof.  It still hasn't been proven that there was an actual chemical attack, or any attack, for that matter.

The American Senate is even going as far as trying to block foreign media, who has a different view than their corporate owned media shills.

It's becoming clearer and clearer that the western world wants to control what you see.  And, if you have a different opinion than them, they try to discredit you, and our right ban you.  That my friends, is worth thinking about.

Knowledge is power.  ARM YOURSELF!