Sunday, February 5, 2017

Trumps Seven Countries

Why were are there hundreds of thousand of people marching against Trump when his predecessor President Barack Obama was destroying the seven countries named in President Trump's Immigration Executive Order?


Sure enough the Liberal Mainstream Media didn't call it 'war', now did they?  Nor, was there any Obama bombing on Syria, that could precipitate refugees, presumably.


Yes no massive demonstrations against the EVIL White House, when Obama was arming Saudi Arabia to do that in Yemen.




It was in fact bombed by the US-backed Israeli Army during Obama's tenure in The White House.
 Country Five on the Trump List.


  Self Defense.  Yes.  President Obama was terrified of arguably the world's POOREST country.

When it comes to Iran being on Trump's list, could this be because of The USA's decades long covert war continued under Obama.  Together with punitive sanctions that Iranian authorities blame for Cancer drug shortages and plane crashes.  Albeit that US National Security Advisor, General Flynn, has put Iran now 'on notice'.

The seventh country that Donald Trump is weary of when it comes to 'Anti-American sentiment'.


That war, of course was supported by British Prime Minister Theresa May.  And the Mainstream Media now ranged against Trump.
Is it not a little obvious that Donald Trump is all too aware that the people of these seven countries, destabilized by the Obama regime, have populations angered by US Foreign Policy?

Knowledge is Power.  ARM YOURSELF!!