Monday, February 20, 2017

Donald Trump 1-0-1

   I don't understand why everyone seems to be so 'Anti-Trump'?
He was democratically elected in a two hundred year old flawed system, and became the President of the United States.
The mainstream media has you believe he may not have gotten the 'popular vote', but he got the most votes WHERE IT MATTERED.

Hillary claimed that the Russians hacked the election, so that Donald Trump would win.  I hear her argument.  I've been hearing it since November 9th.  The one small thing that this argument/accusation is missing however, is proof.  Not even one small bit of evidence.  Not even a slight clue has ever been made public.  It's all been, "...because I/we say so". 

The question that no one is asking is: How can the most 'secure' nation in the world, get hacked to such an extent, over the span of entire day, and no one notice?
Assuming the Russians DID hack the entire American General Election, then there should be no question that the next election held in the United States will be held with PAPER BALLOTS.  Who wants to bet that won't happen?

Yes, Fake News is Fake News.  But why is it still being spouted?  Do the Powers
That Be really think we're that stupid?  It does however appear that many people are.  Otherwise the Trump Supporters wouldn't be called 'loony' for supporting him, or conspiracy theorists. 
Hillary Clinton didn't lose the General Election because the Russians hacked it.  She didn't lose because she's a woman.  She lost for two other reasons:

She's a Clinton.

Trump hasn't lied his entire life to the entire American public.

It Looks Like Donald Trump Was Right After All
President Donald Trump was the subject of mockery on Sunday after delivering a speech in Florida in which he referred to an incident “last night in Sweden” — but he appears to have been referring to an actual, accurate news report, albeit one that wasn’t technically live or breaking.

As soon as the words flew from Trump’s mouth, social media began buzzing with jokes about his “fake news” story about a migrant attack in the historic Scandinavian country.

....  But Trump may not have been wrong – at least, in terms of subject matter. Friday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed documentarian Ami Horowitz about his upcoming film about violence involving migrants in Sweden. Horowitz claims that the Swedish government is downplaying an uptick in violence that followed a wave of refugee migration into the country.

Dramatic footage shows cars ablaze in Swedish riot (VIDEOS) 



 It is my opinion that when Trump says something he has good reason. I have found it takes the media about 2 weeks to catch up, and then it all makes sense.

Those are just two very brief examples of how the Mainstream Media is getting lies out about Donald Trump....  And most of the sheeple are buying what they're selling.
George Soros
I ask that you open your minds.  Just assume for a moment that your media is lying to you.  Assume that almost everything you've been told in life is a lie.  Then you'll understand why we (the tin foil hat wearing community) do what we do.  We're not the crazy ones.  We just don't like being lied to.  The others out there, (the normal community) just has had their eyes opened yet.  Once that happens, REAL change will come about.

Knowledge in power.  ARM YOURSELF!