Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sean Hannity's message to the press: You've been exposed as fake

Mainstream Media just keeps taking hits.  Fox News reporter Sean Hannity seems to be the last of a dying breed.  By that I mean, a reporter who isn't a sheep.  A reporter with integrity, with no price tag on his name.

We (the conspiracy, tinfoil hat wearing freaks), have been saying just this for years now.  The mainstream media (MSM) is a greater propaganda machine than Joseph Goebbels.
I understand that the Leftists didn't want Donald Trump to win the Presidency.  After all, he's an outsider, that's been calling 'Bullshit' on pretty much everyone in Washington, and the majority of the MSM.  I suppose that's because they're afraid their secrets, and the power will get out.  After all, who wants the public to find out they've been lied to, and controlled for the last 240-ish years?

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