Wednesday, May 11, 2016


I just spent the last couple of days watching a couple of the ZEITGEIST movies.  I must say, regardless of your political, social, or religious views, this is a MUST SEE for everyone on the planet.  Which is why I'm going to post TWO of those movies right here on my blog.  I ask, no, I BEG you to share this with your friends on every social medium you use.

  Both of these movies explore how fraudulent MONEY is... which ads a certain amount of credit to the BITCOIN movement....  It's something everyone can have....  either by paying for it, with your debt-laden money, or mine it for free.  Essentially, it's a FREE currency.

The ZEITGEIST Movement is exactly what I've been saying on my many posts....  Although many of the statistics in the movies are American based, I suspect they reign true for most nations of the world.

If you have ever watched STAR TREK (and I know many of you have), that encompasses the perfect society.  Not with the space travel, but with Earth.  No money.  Everyone is equal. 

Be the movement.  Join the movement.  Share the movement.

Knowledge is power.  Arm yourself.