Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussels Bombing..... The WARNING

As a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, I'd like to point out that Trump nailed the Brussels attacks on the head.... IN JANUARY!

Twin bomb attacks that rocked the capital of Belgium this morning have served to throw fresh light on comments made by Donald Trump back in January when he was criticized for labelling Brusselos a "Juhadists Hellhole"
Radicalized Muslim ghettos like Molenbeek serve as breeding grounds for Islamic terrorism, with Paris massacre culprit Salah Abdeslam having been able to hide in and around the area for four months with the help of “friends and neighbors,” proving once again that many Muslims are sympathetic to jihadist sentiment.

Republican front runner Donald Trump identified Brussels as a jihadist hotbed back in January, but he was criticized for ‘insulting’ the Belgian capital by numerous media outlets and pundits.
Asked by Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo about his plan to put a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, Trump cited Brussels as an example of how the failure of immigrants to assimilate was ruining Europe.

..... Just Sayin'....