Wednesday, December 16, 2015

3rd Shooter In San Bernardino!!!!!

Here's even more proof the mainstream media, and the police, and government officials are lying to you.

Watch this video (most of it is just talking and observing), but certainly worth the 13:37.

Original eyewitness reports, and the earliest news reports the day of shooting all said there were 3 white men who broke into the party shot up the place and escaped in a black SUV, (a spook car??).

4 hrs and only 1 mile away we are shown a shot up SUV and told it is footage of the police chase of 3 suspects.

About 2 mins into above vid notice all the subtitles, media narration, and pics all 3 refer to 3 bodies ending up in 3 very different areas in/around the van.

At 4 mins in its clear there's a 3rd dead body in the center figure, totally different from the other 2as far as location in the scene, as well as clothing color, shoes, etc.

Where did the 3rd dead suspect's body, identity, and role go?!

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