Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ontario Provincial Police - ABOVE THE LAW

I've been saying for years, that the police, (particularly in North America), act with impunity, and are without a doubt, generally above the law.
A recent story in my home town of Collingwood Ontario, Canada, has brought this problem to light once again.
The video below explains the story.

To make matters worse, the Collingwood OPP are now dismissing the case.

OPP Dismissing the Incident..Policy Must Change for a Better Future

Collingwood Animal Rights Advocate Group
Oct 24, 2015 — The Collingwood OPP is trying to dismiss the incident as overhype because Merrick did not have any broken bones (only internal bleeding). Does this make it right? No. Collingwood OPP is not protecting our wildlife. It is our job as citizens and creatures on this planet to make sure we give them a voice and help maintain the ecological 'balance of nature'.

1. Please call our local MPP, Jim Wilson at Phone: (705) 446-1090
Toll Free: 1-800-268-7542
*Request him to take immediate action to ensure Collingwood has the necessary funding, education, support and training (specifically for the OPP) who are often first responders to wildlife conflicts.

2. Please call the Collingwood City Council to request Wildlife Policy Change be added to the November agenda
Coordinator, Clerk Services
Town of Collingwood
Phone: (705) 445-1030 ext 3294

3. Please email John Trude, Collingwood OPP and request wildlife training for the officers or call 705-445-4321

Someone once told me, "Be confident and humble. When an inner confidence is not balance with sober self-assessment or mature emotional intelligence, it becomes skewed and egocentric.”

Thank you once again for all the support!!
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The Ontario Provincial Police, have long been suspected of being corrupt.  (Think Germany, 1942, and the SS).  Maybe not to that extreme with the violence, but certainly not too far off with their transparency.
Growing up in Collingwood, and witnessing the transformation from the Collingwood Police Service, to the Ontario Provincial Police, I saw more than just a name change.  Shortly after becoming the OPP, many of the older, more seasoned police officers were removed from duty.  They would be the cops that knew everybody.  That knew the town, etc.  They were replaced with young, ambitious 20-somethings fresh out of police college, itching to prove their worth.  How did they do that?  By simply 'following orders'.  Slowly but surely turning the once wonderful province of Ontario into a POLICE STATE.  Police in schools, police on bicycles, police on horseback....  All in a small town of less that 20,000 permanent residents.

Now, back to the original story.
The OPP website, with their propaganda
If that dog had been run over three times by a regular civilian, you can bet your house that the police would have promptly had that person arrested, and had the book thrown at them.  I dare say, even if it was in fact a coyote.    That wouldn't be including the shooting, either.  Add that into the mix for our unfortunate civilian, you're looking at jail time, too.  So why not our Police officer?  Oh, that's right....  They can do no wrong.  I suppose it's not that they do no wrong, they simply don't have to answer for any of their actions.  Even when those actions are caught on tape, and have made NATIONAL NEWS.

Now is time to stand up and fight.  Make our police accountable.  They clearly aren't.  Many of them are being investigated for fraud, tax evasion, assault, and more.  This coming from the people who have sworn to protect us.  To prevent crimes. 

Yeah, I never believed it, either.

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