Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WDBJ7 Shooting - Fact or Fiction

It's been all over the news today, since shortly after 0645 EST.  The tragic story of the two WDBJ7 employees who were shot live on the air this morning. 

I've seen this video shown on television several times today.  However, the very first time I saw it, there was a brief moment where you could see Alison Parker fall to the ground.  You could very briefly see her legs as she lay there.  I, however, haven't seen that again.  Despite the EXACT SAME FOOTAGE being shown over and over again on many different news broadcasts.

The shooter also recorded the shooting, and posted it online.

Even in this footage. allegedly shot by the gunman's GoPro Camera, fails to show Parker go down, or even show her laying down.  Not to mention her cameraman, Adam Ward. 
I'm sure I'm not the first, nor will I be the last to label this a well orchestrated False Flag attack. 

Similar to the Charlie Hebdo attacks (but without the body count), this was a planned attack on media.  Certainly an inside job, and will be the subject of conspiracy theories for years to come. 

What do we know as fact?

The alleged shooter is a former employee of WDBJ7, Bryce Williams (Vester Lee Flanagan).

We know that this allegedly took place live on Television.  Did it?

That's about it.  Those are the only TWO facts we know for certain.  Nothing more.  Why is that?  Is the story still being spun, or scripted?  You tell me.  I just have a lot of unanswered questions that the police pressers and the multitude of news agencies around the world who are covering this story, are failing to tell me.

How did NO one see the gunman approaching?  Are all three of the other people on scene deaf?  Could the interviewee not see anything?  She was clearly facing in that direction?
How did Flanagan find out where the morning show crew were going to be?  Did he have inside help?  How long has this been planned?  Where are these answers?  Who's asking these questions?  These are questions I'm certain will never be asked publicly, nor will they ever be answered.
Was this attack staged so that 'we the people' don't ask anymore questions about the failing economy?  How much we depend on China?  Or, is it just another step closer to the 'requirement' of a police state? 

I've also learned today that in America, the prime suspects usually kill themselves, or are killed by the police.  With the only two exceptions that I can think if:  The Charleston shooting, and the Boston Bombing, which really doesn't count, because the police killed one of the two suspects.