Friday, February 20, 2015

Media + ISIS + Propaganda = FOOLING YOU!

Like I said yesterday in my post about ISIS and the lies we're being sold (READ HERE), the Powers That Be are just feeding us lie after lie to control us. 
The kicker is, we're eating it up.  Now there's proof that THEY (governments) are going to be using social media more and more to combat a group that they either helped create, or doesn't exist at all. 

The Battle Against ISIS Gets a Glorified Social Media Editor

The embittered battle against ISIS is making nations rethink how to approach social media as a weapon of war. Early this month, Britain announced its plans to form a battalion of "Facebook Warriors" in effort to battle ISIS's adept skills of recruiting through the platform, and also Twitter, YouTube, and other websites.
Now, the US is doing the same. According to The New York Times, the plan is to greatly expand the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Measures to bring in all the efforts by the Pentagon and Homeland Security under one roof. But it's not just the US message, the improved group will also amplify ally messages and Muslim scholars who oppose ISIS.
So pretty much a glorified social media editor, right? Can't be that hard. Yeah, not exactly. The Islamic State tweets and posts through various social media 90,000 times a day, so the job is a pretty big one and the US admits they're getting beat by just sheer volume. Hopefully aggregating content that already exists will help turn the social media tide.

It's been proven beyond any doubt over and over again (and re-posted on this blog, see the archive on the right), that ISIS or ISIL, or whatever the Hell you want to call it is nothing but a complete fraud.  A sham fed to you by the
governments of the world (mainly North America), and the mainstream media... and you bought it.   When will the sheeple stop believing everything their governments and news outlets tell them? 

The media, and the governments use all forms of communication to try to convince you that what they say is true.
This was just posted as I was writing this.  Before you read it, lets point out all the red flags, first:

  • Apparently THREE girls are involved, but the photo only shows TWO.
  • Why is a third person's face pixalated? 
  • Could the story be any more vague about these girls?
  • The Commander Richard Walton who is quoted in the story has less than desirable credibility.  READ HERE
  • The use of 'buzz words' like JIHADI in the title.

Three missing British schoolgirls are believed to have flown to Turkey with the intention of crossing the border into Islamic State territory to become Jihadi brides.
The girls, all pupils at Bethnal Green Academy, are reported to have flown from Gatwick to Istanbul on Tuesday during their half-term break.
Shamma Begum, 15, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and another 15-year-old who remains unnamed are friends with a fourth girl, who travelled to Syria in December 2014.
Commander Richard Walton said he hoped a police appeal would mean the girls were prevented from crossing the border into Syria.
“I think there's a chance we can get these three girls back if they have not travelled to Syria,” he said.
He claimed none of the girls had left messages to their family or friends before their departure.
The girls were not flagged up as a concern by Turkish Airlines.

“[We are] concerned about numbers of girls who have or are intending to travel to the part of Syria that is controlled by ISIS,” said Walton.
 With the above story, THEY are trying to pull on your heart strings.  "How could three nice little British girls want to join a war?  They must be brainwashed by those terrible Muslims".  

Kind of reminds you of The Crusades, World War II, Gulf War 2, Afghanistan? Wars all fought over HATE.... And lies.  Just think about that for a minute.  Let it sink in.

Knowledge is Power.  ARM YOURSELF!