Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ISIS & Jordan --- BULLSHIT Execution


    We've all seen on the news over the last day or so that ISIS/ISIL apparently executed a Jordanian pilot. Like you, I've seen the still photos on the news, I've even seen some footage of the alleged video. I've found edited footage of the alleged video. I must confess though, that the footage I have found, is better than any Hollywood production I've ever seen.

There is perfect lighting. Perfect positioning of spectators/extras. Perfect close-ups of the Jordanian pilot walking unmolested to his 'death cage'. I don't care how BRAVE you are… When you know you're about to be lit up like a human torch, you don't have such a calm look on your face. I mean, Steven Spielberg couldn't have done a better job.
So, either this 'terror group' has better funding and equipment that a lot of big budget Hollywood movies, or they are actually being produced in Hollywood…?
Well, let's sit back and really think about this. ISIS/ISIL (still not certain about their name), are extreme fundamentalist Muslims, right? Almost to the extreme of the Taliban? So, why do they have a high-definition
video camera for these 'executions? Not to mention the high production value obviously put into these videos? Why don't they just take still photography, and an audio tape? Isn't technology the devil?


My next question: Why has no 'reputable' mainstream media outlet been able to view this video? You would assume that at least ONE outlet would have access to this footage? I've heard this video is anywhere from just over two minutes long, to being more than 22 minutes in length. Why the discrepancies?

I will even say that this Jordanian pilot either is not dead, or which is more likely the case, never even existed, as we were told to believe.


Might I also take this opportunity to remind you all that it FORBIDDEN by Islamic Law to burn a human. Someone needs to do their research before feeding us stories.


So yes, I did manage to find some footage of this alleged execution, but really, you can see how fake it is. Just sayin'…


The worst movie production of all time.


So, as a result of this 'execution' Jordan went ahead and apparently executed the two soldiers they were detaining, and were planning on using in a 'prisoner swap'. Really? 

The Powers That Be actually expect us to fall for this? Well, I suppose a good number of sheeple did. Otherwise it wouldn't still be in the news, and I wouldn't be writing about it, right?

See, the trouble with this is: It's going to pull a bunch of other countries into a fight that was manufactured by people who are just playing a game. We cannot forget that the Vietnam War was fought entirely over a bet between Aristotle Onassis and Howard Hughes. What do you think is REALLY the cause behind all the issues that have been happening in the Middle East since before 9/11?


Despite that fact the 'conspiracy debunkers' get much more air play that Truthers do, you can rest assured that the majority of conflicts we hear about in the North American mainstream media, is touted as lies in the rest of the world. Just do a little bit of research, and you'll find it out for yourselves.