Thursday, February 5, 2015


I've told you in previous posts that I believe ISIS is a bunch of bullshit lies, right?  I've had people from Twitter even tell me they have been in the Middle East, fighting these 'terrorists'.  I'm not saying these people on Twitter are liars, but what I am saying is:  They weren't fighting an organization names ISIS.  For all we know, they were killing innocent civilians, or, killing people that are just pissed off at Americans?

I can tell you with complete confidence that nearly 100% of the stuff the media tells you about ISIS is absolutely fake.  Made up.  Why?  To control you with fear, and misplaced Patriotism.

You remember Jihadi John?  You also remember those unfortunate Japanese journalists?  Well, that was all faked.

As you can see, video's like that are pretty easy to fake.  Anyone from a high school A/V club could make a similar, if not better video, don't you think?

There you go.  Straight from the horses mouth.  Yes, I know it is FOX News, but it's really not hard to figure it out now.  Maybe this will help open up the eyes of the sheeple...?

So yes, now you can pretty safely assume that this 'war on Terror' is a fa├žade.  A lie to all the people of the world.  Why?  To control you.  To make you afraid to leave your house.  Afraid to question authority.  The real kicker here....  IT'S WORKING!

Knowledge is power.  Arm yourself!