Saturday, January 3, 2015

You Wanna Do This? Then Let's Do This!!

This blog post isn't meant to be an endorsement of any kind, for anyone or anything.

We all know this rich keep on getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer.  Ever wonder why?
A smart Canadian kid figured it out, and tells it as it is.
The video below is the most viewed video in the history of CNBC. This debate is so intense, and heated, that it actually brought standing to a standstill, so the people on the floor could watch it.

My first question is:  What's the largest stock exchange in the United States?     The
DowNasdaq?  neither of then.  It's BATS.  Ever heard of it?  Me either.  I wonder why that is?  The CEO, (now former), of The Bats Exchange said in the above interview that they are the largest Stock Exchange in the country, and no one corrected him.  Clearly it's a true statement.  If it's such a large exchange, how come we never hear about it in the news?  Or in the newspapers?  It kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it? 

BATS president quits as high-speed trading debate rages

BATS Global Markets exchange president William O’Brien, who got in a heated TV debate over high-frequency trading with “Flash Boys” author Michael Lewis, stepped down from his post on Tuesday.
His position, which he held for seven months, will be taken over by current CEO Joseph Ratterman, the company said. BATS has no plans to replace O’Brien, one source told The Post.
No reason was given for his departure. O’Brien became president after BATS acquired DirectEdg, where he was CEO.
While Ratterman was largely the public face of the company — testifying before a congressional committee on high-frequency trading earlier this month — O’Brien grabbed the spotlight during a live debate on CNBC.
O’Brien got in a heated argument with Lewis and Brad Katsuyama, the president and CEO of upstart exchange IEX and the hero of Lewis’ book, over whether the markets are rigged in favor of high-speed traders.
“I believe you’re a part of the rigging,” Katsuyama said to O’Brien during the broadcast, in part because BATS sent out different data feeds to different tiers of trading clients.
While O’Brien denied it on air, BATS later put out a statement clarifying that it does, in fact, send out different data feeds.
“Shame on both of you for falsely accusing thousands of people on wrongdoing…to try to build a business on fear, mistrust and accusations,” O’Brien shot back.
With tempers flaring, Lewis rushed to Katsuyama’s defense.
“There’s actually no point in talking to someone who’s just throwing dust in the air,” Lewis said.

I knbow this is a short blog posting, but I feel the 23 minute video says more than enough.  I'll leave you to fill in the blanks.

Knowledge is Power.  Arm Yourself!