Friday, January 9, 2015

France? Hostages? Who's Right?

The North American media are saying that the three hostage takers were killed, of course.  However media elsewhere, (Al Jazeera) is reporting that a member of the SWAT team was killed, along with the hostages?
There's more than TWENTY people dead.  Why is the mainstream media telling you there is only four?  Who's going to come out with the 'official' story when all of this is said and done?  How many more 'staged' attacks will we have to endure, until the Powers That Be get is to capitulate to their restrictions on more freedoms?  After all, it's all i the name of security, right?

Who's telling the truth? I'm not saying this event is being faked.  I think it's being carefully staged. 
There are multiple stories being reported around the world.  Each one is different.  The only thing each story has in common is that killings at Charlie Hebdo office.  That's it.  Each story is different. One would think they would get their stories straight, before they released the choreographed news footage.
Think about it that way.

Knowledge is power.  Arm yourself!