Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Interview

It's all over the news today:  Sony has cancelled the release of The Interview.  Why?  You may ask.  The mainstream media is telling us that it's because of 'terrorist threats'. 

Sure, SONY was allegedly hacked.  A bunch of embarrassing emails were made public (allegedly).  I'm sure they weren't intentionally leaked by someone other than 'the hackers', right?

The above trailer, and a few television commercials is all I've seen of the movie The Interview.  Have you?  I would say that the majority of movies that Hollywood has been releasing over the last number of years have been leaked online well before the theatrical release.  I've been looking for a few weeks now for a copy of the movie online, or otherwise, and I've come up empty handed.  So, my argument is:  Did this movie actually exist? 

Yes, Sony is going to have to eat the cost of the movie, and everything else related to it, estimated at around $100 million dollars.  For a major international company you may think it's small change.  But, any way you look at it, that's a large amount of money. 

Mow the question is: WHY?
The answer is actually quite simple, if you think about it.  Myself, and many other 'alluminum foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists' have been saying this for quite some time:  A slow removal of your rights, leading to a Police State, and an eventual New World Order
Americans and to a big extent, Canadians too, are being dictated to by The Powers That Be.  We are being told what we can watch (thus far in movie theatres), and to a large extent, on television, too. 
I sincerely doubt that North Korea had anything to do with this hacking issue, and the alleged cancellation of The Interview.  I maintain that the movie was never really made, so Sony doesn't have to eat the cost of the movie, and that most, if not all the limited people involved were paid to remain quiet.  Not a very hard task to accomplish.  After all, look at the JFK assassination, or 9/11? 

Now this movie cancellation is being moved into the background by Obama's plan to re-open diplomatic relations with Cuba.  An almost PERFECT smokescreen.  Most sheeple will be more concerned with the Cuban issues, than with the cancellation of a movie that probably never existed. 

Just think about it that way.

Knowledge is power.  Arm yourself!