Friday, December 5, 2014

Canadian Pre-Crime

A 15-year-old boy in Montreal has been arrested and charged with conspiring to join terrorists overseas. The boy allegedly robbed a convenience earlier this fall. There are fears he was going to use the money to fly to Syria to join ISIS

MONTREAL – A 15-year-old boy, who reportedly had Facebook contact with the Montreal man who ran down a Canadian soldier in October, robbed a convenience store at knifepoint and allegedly planned to use the stolen money to leave the country and join in terrorist activities.
The Reuters news agency said the boy is the first minor to face such charges in Canada. The teenager, who cannot be identified because he is a minor, appeared in Quebec Court’s youth division in Montreal Wednesday.
The boy’s father reportedly became suspicious when his son came home last Oct. 11 without his backpack. He investigated and discovered the backpack, filled with cash, in the backyard.
After the boy denied he had committed any crime, the father phoned the police, who arrested the boy at his school. “I just did my duty as a citizen,” the father told La Presse. “I don’t want a medal.”
 According to the newspaper, the teenager told investigators it was sinful for a Muslim like him to live in a non-Muslim country, and he wanted money to travel to a country that used Islamic law.
- The National Post

It seems to me, that Canada is possibly the first developed country to start using 'Pre-Crime'.  Kind of like in the movie 'Minority Report'.  The RCMP are now arresting people BEFORE they commit a crime.  Not FOR committing a crime. 

Granted, the 15 year old child I'm talking about did in fact rob a store.  He has plead 'GUILTY' to that charge.  But, he's also being charged with the possibility he may go overseas, and possibly commit a crime there. 
I'm sure to someone, that absolutely makes sense. 

If you ask me, and many other people, that's just one more giant step towards a 1984-style country, and world. 
The worst part about it is; the sheeple of Canada.  Who think their wonderful government would never do anything wrong. 
For example, the honest and trustworthy Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended a Bilderberg meeting in 2003.  Just three short years later, out of Canadian obscurity, he was elected the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada.


So, back to the original topic of this posting.  The story of this 15 year old boy has been covered by all the major news outlets in Canada, and around the world. 
Likely to get everyone slowly prepared for pre-crime, and the New World Order.  After all, isn't that exactly why we have mainstream media, and Hollywood? 

Problem - Solution - Acceptance


The leaders of the New World Order created a problem - Terrorism. 


Slowly remove many of our rights as people, in the name of security, and for 'the greater good'.


Our rights and freedoms are removed from our lives at such a pace that we don't really notice, and are much more willing to accept.  Think about it:  When was the last time you took a bottle of water on a flight?
Just an example, folks. 
Think about it.

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