Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's Happening Right Before OUR EYES!

With the recent 'Ebola outbreak' we've been seeing all over the news lately, it's become quite obvious to me that something is out of control.  Now, I've come up with TWO theories of this news-worthy event.  Each theory is just as equally plausible as the other. 

Theory #1

The Ebola outbreak is a hoax.  Being masterminded by the Illuminati, and supported by the CDC.
With most of Western Africa being all but shut off from the rest of the world, it would be almost easy to control this sort of hoax.  After all, most western news agencies rarely, if ever shoot their stories on location.  But rather, shoot in front of a green screen at a different location.

See, when you really think about it, it's not that difficult to pull off, now is it?

Theory #2

It's real.  The whole Ebola catastrophe is 100% legit.  My theory is that the doctors are either being told NOT to help the patients, or, are being forced to stay away.  The reason for that is just as clear and simple as theory #1:  The Illuminati.  It's a well known fact that the Illuminati think that the ideal world population is about five-hundred million

So yes, I also believe that the possibility exists that the Illuminati have begun their de-population of the planet.  After all, "who's gonna miss a buncha niggers on the dark continent?". Besides.....  Who can stop them?

So those are my two theories.  I wouldn't be surprised if one of them turns out to be true.  But, then again, when and HOW will we find out?