Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ISIS & The Bullshit We're Being Fed

So, some Muslim fundamentalist group has been in the news a lot lately; ISIS.
What does ISIS mean?  It's an acronym.  Islamic State Iraq and Sham
Sounds simple, and straight forward enough, doesn't it?  Now, ask yourself this question:  Why would a fundamentalist Muslim group, who has sworn to hate all things American, choose a name for their group that is ENGLISH?  The mother tongue of America?
The reason for that is simple enough:  The people behind this 'group' know that the majority of the people they are trying to instill fear into, don't speak Arabic, or Farsi... Most ONLY speak English.  After all, you can't scare someone, if they don't know what you're saying. 

Let's look at some of the FACTS we do know for certain:

Does anyone recall the past 2 years, or past 20 years, or past 30 years.

Can anyone look me in the eye, and tell me that ISIS is not the outcome of US foreign policy in Entire Middle East and more importantly Syria.

US took out Saddam, US supported taking out Strong Man Mubarak in Egypt, US turned Syria into a civil war bloodbath with paid mercenaries across the world along with about half the local population.

Just like Senator McCain was in Ukraine Kiev pumping fists into air and giving fiery speeches to violent protesters to take out Kiev government.

In the same way he was in Syria with rebels who now call themselves ISIS.
United States government money is all over this

How can anyone at this point believe the US government press releases and US government intelligence 

When someone on Mainstream Media starts telling you how ISIS has existed from 2004 and how ISIS has nothing to do with "legitimate" rebels in Syria. This is straight bullshit coming out of US intelligence and US press releases.

How can anyone believe this stuff.

Thanks George.  Enough said!

Knowledge is POWER!  Arm yourself!