Monday, July 14, 2014

What The Western World Never Sees/Hears

I'm not surprised that we here in the western world gets our news reports straight from the spin doctors typewriters.

We've all heard of Abby Martin of Russia Today
Abby Martin

She speaks the truth, as always.  Here's what she has to say about the bombings in Israel:

Kind of makes you wonder what else we're being told, that isn't true?  Or what REAL facts our mainstream media are keeping from us?
It truly is a shame that our leaders, and our media feel the need to lie to us, in order for us to believe them.  I know that it's all apart of the ILLUMINATI master plan.

This is either the best investigative reporting on the planet, or western media is deliberately lying to us, as Diane Sawyer so blatantly did.
Thhis is just one of the reasons I don't watch much American news.
Diane 'Pinocchio' Sawyer
  If I wanted to see lies, I'd open up my dusty copy of the King James Bible, and read it.

Knowledge is Power... Arm yourselves!