Saturday, July 5, 2014

Police State Liberties...?




This is what they want you to believe every time there is a story like this.  THEY (the Powers That Be) want us to believe that police brutality only happens once in a blue moon. But, the fact of the matter is:  It happens far more than is reported.  
CHP Resembling the German SS

Check out this story, that actually made it onto CANADIAN NEWS:  Police Brutality in California

We also remember the story from Toronto, Canada last summer, when an unarmed man (Sammi Yatim) was SHOT to death on a streetcar, for no apparent reason.

These are just two published reports of police violence/brutality.  How many actions go unreported?  Why are police being much more violent in their 'patrolling' in recent history, than in the past? I personally believe that most certainly The United States, and quickly being followed by Canada, are moving toward a full blown Police State. 

The United States have a tonne of 'Fema Camps' scattered throughout the country, and I have personally noticed many fenced-in areas in the central, and northern parts of Ontario, Canada.  Fenced-in areas are not uncommon;  people fencing their property, to protect it from vandals, and squatters.  The difference with these particular fenced-in areas I'm referring to is:  The barbed wire, and/or razor wire is slanted in the WRONG direction.  Almost as if to keep people IN, rather than out. 

The one thing that astounds me the most about modern society is, how easily they fall victim to everything our elected officials say.  As though they would never lie to us.  How many times, following elections of any sort, have we said, "Those damned politicians lied to us to get our votes"?

Just remember to keep your eyes open, and your brains working!