Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Excuses For A Police State?

Yesterday (June 4th, 2014) three RCMP Officers were shot and killed my a lone gunman. 
I don't disagree that this is a tragic loss of life.  However, being a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or any police force for that matter, comes with an inherent expectation of risk. 

You can mark my words, this will again bring forward the debate of gun control, and the movements towards Marshall Law.

Our national news agencies are eating this up.  They are showing the same interviews with the same people over and over again.  Trying to instill fear into their viewers. 
You'll even see little interviews like this one: 

Woman came face-to-face with suspect: 'I thought he was going to shoot me'



 Whether it's a REAL story or not, I don't care.  But this isn't news.  Someone saw a guy with a gun.  At best, it's a LOCAL story.  Certainly not a national one. 

Now I ask:  Who controls the media?  You watch:  This will be front page news for the next few weeks.  Asking "Were the police targeted?"  "Was he on some mind altering chemicals?" "What do the conspiracy theorists have to say about these events?"   And the questions will go on and on and on.

Another question I have is:  How did the police get a picture, they knew without a doubt is the 'suspect', and release it on Twitter?  Not to mention, the guy is dressed in military fatigues, and carrying not one, but TWO long barrel guns?  I don't want to call 'bull shit' on this, but it certainly looks suspicious, don't you think?

Share this post with all your friends.  I'm sure a lot of what I just said will prove to be true in the future.

Remember:  Knowledge is POWER!  Arm yourself!!