Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ever Hear This Story? Probably NOT!!!

I've been saying for many years, as have many other people that, the mainstream/mass media make up stories to advance their own agenda, and also omit REAL stories for the same reason.

Why do you suppose this story never REALLY made it to the airwaves, or to print?  I scoured the Internet, and yes, I found a few stories related to it, and the ONLY real mainstream site I found that carried this story, was an obscure part of an 'almost' CNN website.

This is just ONE example of the many lies we're told on a daily basis, OR (in this case), truly good stories that never make it to air. 
The main reason for this is simple:  99% of mainstream media just make shit up.  I've proven that in many posts in the past.  They also spin stories so they will have you believing a rainy day is a cloudless, sun-filled one.  They are just that good.  Look at how many people still believe the 'official report' of 9/11? 
The Powers That Be, and the Mainstream Media (who controls who?), know that most people don't want to argue the status-quo.  That most people won't ask questions.  That most people don't believe their leaders LIE to them.  Unfortunately, they're right. 
Why don't we ask 'why'?  Because we're scared.  We don't want to know the real truth.  Think of the movie 'The Matrix'.  That movie is more accurate than you think.  We're blind to the truth.  More people need to ask questions, and NOT be afraid of what others may think, or say.  They're more frightened than you. 

The bottom line is:  We are lied to ever minute of every day by the people we need to trust the most:  Our elected officials, our TV News, our print media, and most (not all), radio programs. 

We need to make a stand.  Not some stupid protest.  Not a dumb rally like OWS.  As you can see, those don't work.  We need something BIGGER and better than that.  I'm open to suggestions. 

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Remember:  Knowledge is POWER!