Thursday, May 1, 2014

Donald Sterling.... Revisited

I shake my head at the utter hypocrisy concerning racism in the western world. If making negative, stereotypical comments about a particular race of people is deemed "unprofessional" and "offensive", where they should be made to pay a fine and banned from the industry, should we not then put to task:

Jamie Fox- "Black people are the MOST talented people on the planet" in an public audience of mixed races

Jamie Fox- "It was great to kill all the white people" (when asked publicly about 'Django')

Rappers Lil' Wayne, Lil Boosie, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, Jay Z, T.I., Kanye West, Niki Minaj, Chief Keef, Ice Cube (with NWA), and ALL the rest except Will Smith- 98% of their songs, played publically on the radio, that refer to blacks as the 'n' word. In their references, they call them dumb, stupid, ugly, and most of all they described the manner in which they will murder a 'n'.

Democratic Politicians Top Democratic Racist Statements
So as long as vote liberal, you are able to make racist comments which either get applauded or laughed at, seen as "jokes".

On another note:
When a few of my peers weighed in on the Donald Sterling incident, they were perplexed at my support of the man's freedom of speech. They began to ask me how I would feel if I caught my employer calling them an 'n' on tape. I honestly responded that I couldn't care less, as I have surely called my employer not-so-pleasant names. The issue for me is that I be treated fairly. As long as I am not harmed physically or financially by it, they have every right to feel a certain sentiment...

and I nor government should be able to regulate that.

Further, I hate to see how thin-skinned and entitled black people have become to verbal slurs or personal opinions. I remember learning about Civil Rights in a Constitutional Law course and discovering that Civil Rights legislation was not enacted under the Equal Protection Clause, as many would believe. This means that Congress did not feel like it was an 'equality' issue; when they began forcing white private business owners to service patrons they did not care for, it was done for revenue purposes. Yep. Civil Rights was passed under the COMMERCE clause; i.e., giving blacks the sentiment that they would no longer be discriminated was done for profit, much like it is today. Was it a beautiful statement about blacks that Sterling made? Of course not, but we are all EQUALLY protected under the Constitution...


 Do we not see how our opinion is being 'molded' by the NBA and mass media?  Sterling is being pretty well FORCED to give up property that he owns.  Of course 'they' would pick someone that already has a pretty lousy reputation, for their first big move.  But, if Sterling is forced to sell, where will it stop?  That's what my main concern is.