Monday, May 26, 2014

Bill C-30 (Legitimate Government spying) *UPDATED*

I've been saying for years that I don't trust Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  Why?  Because behind his 'friendly' exterior, I am certain he has a hidden agenda.

After surviving a number of Minority Governments, Stephen Harper now enjoys a Majority Government, which basically means that he basically has free reign to do whatever he wants for his full term in office.  

A Bill that is currently before the MAJORITY Government, is Bill C-30.  I know that most of you have haven't even heard of this Bill, and that's almost BY DESIGN. 

If you follow the link I've posted above to read the Bill in it's entirety, or simply click on the images of the Bill I've posted. 

Now we are beginning to see What Stephen Harper's ''hidden agenda' really is.  His plan is to slowly, but surely turn Canada into a Police State.  No privacy, and giving all elected officials, and police total access to all of your information on your computer(s).
So, imagine this:  The police 'think' you may have done something illegal on your computer.  They don't need proof of that, because they don't need a warrant.  So, they make up one charge, and then nail you with another one, because you may have illegally downloaded music on your computer.  Or, you may have inadvertently visited a suspicious website. So basically, they are making up the rules/laws as they go along.  To me, and many of you, that sounds an awful lot of complete control of a Police State. 

Now that I have some time, I can update this post, and Explain a few other things regarding Czar Harper, and his droogs sneaking Bill C-30 past their subjects. 
An article in The Huffington Post a few years ago, explains that the majority of Canadians don't entirely trust the Prime Minister.
I understand it's not uncommon for politicians to say just about anything to elected/appointed to office.  But, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has quite a long list.  Read about it here:  Stephen Harper's Broken Promises

Bill C-30 will absolutely remove any semblance of privacy in this country.  I know we don't have much privacy to begin with, (except for the thoughts in our heads).  As of this moment, there is really nothing private on the Internet.  There isn't a whole lot of privacy on your personal computer at home.  But, at least you currently have some control over who has access to that information.  Once Bill C-30 becomes law, you can kiss that control goodbye.  Those are the things that Harper and the Canadian Government wants their slimy hands on.  They want to slowly erode away your rights and freedoms.  Done at such a pace you won't notice.  Or, will somehow convince you that giving up your rights and freedoms are a GOOD idea, (think of the fallout after 9/11). 
I'm interested to hear what you think about this.  I also want you to share this on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and all you other social media sites.  I want the world to know what the Canadian Government is up to.  

Remember:  Knowledge is power.  Arm yourself!