Wednesday, April 30, 2014

US pilot believes he's found wreckage of missing airliner

Is this MH370? US pilot believes he's found wreckage of missing airliner after searching through thousands of satellite images online - right where the flight vanished seven weeks ago I do not know what to believe at this point, but the photos and his descriptions seem to coincide well together.

However, there have been at least 10's of thousands pouring over Tomnod as well. Couple that with the advanced satellite images available to governments and corporations and it's hard to comprehend that this is only coming to light now. Is it the wreckage?

Michael Hoebel is pictured showing an image of what he believes is the wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. He found the image on a website that shares satellite images.

'The perfect size': He said he used a scale given by the website and compared it to the specifications listed on Boeing's website - and discovered that the figure in the water was the right size.

Discovery: He said that the lighter markings on the image matched up with the design of the plane.

Real, or fake?  What do you think?