Friday, April 18, 2014

Putin Uses Hitler's Play Book

Ever wonder why things in the world ALWAYS seem to happen in three's?

Ukraine, MH370, and the massive, yet unwarranted 1 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings.  For one thing. the number '3' is one of the most powerful numbers in Satanic Numerology.  '3' is the highest numberr you can multiply something by.  So THREE THREE'S is the most powerful you can get.

Let's just focus on the Ukraine ordeal, because the MH370 will never be found, and in later posts I'll explain why.

Remember Europe, in the mid to late 1930's?  Maybe not.  Vladimir Putin is making his moves directly out of the Adolph Hitler play book:  Host the Olympics, then take over Europe.  1936 and 2014.  Same plays.
Remember when he said that his invasion of Ukraine wasn't to grab more territory for the Russian government? Think Czechoslovakia and Poland in the 1930's & 1040's).  How he then 'tricked' (or it was falsely reported which is likely the case), the Ukrainians, and most of the western world into believing there wouldn't be violence, or hostile activity caused by HIS army, in that region?  We all (well most of us) fell for it. 

You're probably asking yourself, "Well, if this is the case, what's Vladdy's next move going to be?"

Question Answered.

Why can no one see this coming?  I don't want hate mail from this next statement but, Hitler and Putin alike, are NOT terrible leaders.  They get done what they set out to do.  The trouble is, most of the western world doesn't like not having control of everything.  So, the question remains: "What is really happening there?  Is Putin REALLY trying to play a staring role in WW3?"  The answer however, isn't as clear as one may wish it to be.  Who is reporting the actions in Ukraine?  Who has reporters over there sending sound-bites back to North America?  Just western controlled, and Illuminati controlled mass media.  Why are there no reports from citizens that actually LIVE in Ukraine?
With that in mind, I call on all of you reading this, to retweet, repin, post to Facebook, or whichever Social Media Engine you use, to get this question out to Ukrainians.  I want to know what's REALLY going on there!