Monday, March 10, 2014

Missing On A Jet Plane

The title of this post says it all.  This missing Malaysian Airlines 777 has been all over the news these past few days, and rightfully so.  That flight had 227 (11 or 2), passengers on board and 12 (3), crew members.  All missing.  All presumed dead. 

If you've been watching any news on TV, or listened to any news on the radio, or picked up a newspaper anywhere over the last few days, then you've seen these numbers rammed down your throat.  The Boeing 777, the 239 people on board.  All the numbers. 

These numbers have significant meaning to many cultures.  However, the one I'm going to look at right now is one of the most mysterious cultures, or counter-cultures out there: PAGANISM

Let's look at the first set of numbers, the 777.

7+7+7=21.  The number 21 can be broken down like this: 2+1=3.  In Paganism, the number 3 is often seen as the most magical number in many traditions.  Connected to the Triple Goddess, the realms of land, sea and sky.

227 Passengers on board.

2+2+7=11.  The number 11 can be broken down like this: 1+1=2.  In Paganism, the number 2 is related to polarity and duality. Think of balance – the yin and yang, light and dark, god and goddess. Two represents one of each thing, side by side.

12 Crew Members.

1+2=3.  See above for references to the number 3.

239 people on board.

2+3+9=14.  The number 14 can be broken down like this: 1+4=5.  In Paganism, five is equivalent to the four elements plus the addition of spirit as a fifth element. It’s also symbolic of the five human senses.

If you've read this blog, you can very easily see why these numbers are in the media so much.  It's basically a thumb-at-the-nose to the world, "Look what we can do.  We're showing you why and how, and you still can't see it".