Thursday, March 13, 2014

Man-Made or Natural? We'll Never Know

So, over the past few months, climate change has been in the news with that 'Polar Vortex' thing that's been freezing most of North America. 
I just read an interesting article on climate change, regarding some research that was done by Jennifer Francis and Stephen Vavrus on he melting of Arctic ice was weakening the jet stream, the band of fast-moving wind that separates colder northern air from warmer air further south.
who comes up with these names?

That means that while the climate (or average global temperature) of the Earth heats up, the weather in every region won’t necessarily follow suit. Places prone to warm weather will see extended droughts, while much of Canada may experience more extended cold snaps.

In other words, a warmer Arctic may be affecting the length of time the polar vortex dips down south, but not necessarily the temperatures themselves. Further, as the Arctic continues to heat up, so may the temperature of the “cold snaps,” reflecting the warming northern air.

The authors have faced criticism from some peers, particularly scientists who say linking climate change to the polar vortex distracts from the greater discussion about global warming. As part of a response to one critical letter about her theory, Francis gave this comment to the New York Times:
“Carefully designed modeling experiments and additional years of real-world data are needed to confirm it or not. To me, the ample discussion this idea has generated is not a ‘distraction,’ but rather a trigger of a great deal of new research and healthy scientific discussion.”

That's right.  Read it again if you must.  Almost seems as though the study, the results, AND the researchers are contradicting themselves?
And who comes up with these names?  an ARCTIC VORTEXObviously that name is designed to instill fear into people?
Lets look at this with a bit of logic, shall we?  Al Gore told us that we will soon be in the grips of a Hell-worthy heat?  The entire planet will be looking like the Sahara Desert.  But, it'll also be flooded due to the melting Polar ice.  Think about that.

All of a sudden, Scientists are telling us that a DEEP FREEZE is a sure sign of Global Warming.  Really?

So it seem sour leaders, be them elected, (stolen), or appointed are lying to us.  And have been for decades.
Just something for you to think about.