Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Crimean Pyramids...?

So, here's yet another possible reason Czar Putin is invading, and waging war on Ukraine:  Hidden Pyramids

We all know about the pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, China, and countless other countries around the world.  We're also all aware that many people believe that
Pyramids hold special, Mystical powers.  Could this be why Putin is trying to conquer Ukraine?  To get access to those wonderful and powerful Pyramids... That not many people knew existed?
I would hazard a guess at: YES!

It's not too difficult to imagine why anyone would want to gain access to such powerful devices.  After all, how powerful were the Egyptians with their pyramids  How powerful were the Mayans with their pyramids?

Here's a site that I found, that may help answer a few more questions you might have.